Install QGIS

FORCE4Q is a plugin for QGIS and therefore requires QGIS to operate. You can download and install QGIS here. Additional information on the installation process is provided in the QGIS Documentation.

Install FORCE4Q

FORCE4Q is a QGIS plugin available in the QGIS plugin repository, directly accessible through QGIS. To install the FORCE4Q plugin

  1. Open QGIS and go to Plugins ‣ Manage and Install Plugins ‣ All

  2. In the search bar enter FORCE4Q

  3. Now FORCE4Q should be listed in the plugin list:

    Select and click Install plugin (or Upgrade in case you update to a newer version)

  4. Start the plugin via the icon icon or from the menubar Raster ‣ FORCE4Q